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Instructions for 1099-MISC and Form 1099-MISC

The form is used for several purposes here's one:
If you pay a person who is a sole proprietor more than $600.00 in a year for work or services,
you must file the form 1099-MISC, and send one copy to the IRS, one copy for you, and one copy to the sole proprietor.

There are more uses for the form 1099-mIsc but below is an image of an example.

Download the 8 page 1099-MISC Instructions .pdf file to get the correct information and instructions.
Below is an image of an example of the file as it is completed. ( From the 1099-MSC Instructions)

Download Form1099-MISC to see what it looks like (not for filing).


You can avoid the paper problems and use

Click on and read this Disclaimer - The downloaded 1099 Forms from this website do not conform to IRS standards and cannot be accepted if filed. There are penalties if you do so. See Part O in the general instructions. Read the warning at the top of each form under the words in red that say Attention: