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Form 1099-LTC - 1099-LTC Instructions included

The form 1099-LTC  - the term "Long-Term Care Benefits" means:

1. Any payments made under a product that is advertised, marketed or offered as long-term care insurance (whether qualified or not) and

2. Accelerated death benefits ( read more in the 1099-LTC Instructions)
    You can download the 1099-LTC instructions as a 2 page pdf file.

The sections to fill out on the 1099-LTC are:

  • Payer's - Name, address, city , state etc.

  • Payer's Federal ID number

  • Policy holder's ID number ip

  • Policy holder's Name - Address - Apt. #, City, State, Zip

  • Insured's Name - Address - Apt. #, City, State, Zip

  • Insured's Social Security Number

  1. Gross long-term benefits paid

  2. Accelerated death benefits paid

  3. Per Diem - or Reimbursed amount

  4. Qualified contract (optional)

  5. Optional - Chronically Ill or Terminally Ill

  6. Date Certified

Download the Form 1099-K with Instructions to better understand what it looks like. (not for filing)

You can avoid the paper problems and use

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