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Form 1099-K - Form 1099-K Instructions included

The form 1099-K is for merchant cards and third party payments such as you would get when you get paid by a company that handles payments for sales on the internet.  The Electronic Payment Facilitator (EFP)/Third Party Payer (TTP) handling the money would send it to you.

So far there is no  requirement to report on a 1099-K  as long as there are fewer than 200 transactions and less than $20,000.

The sections to fill out on the 1099-K are:

  • Filer's - Name, address, city , state etc.

  • If checked the filer is Payment Settlement Entity or if checked filer is Electronic Payment facilitator (EFP)/Third PArty Payer (TTP)

  • Payee's name - Address - Apt. #, City, State, Zip

  • PSE's name  and telephone number.

  • Account number (see instructions)

  • Filer's Federal ID number

  • Payee's Taxpayer ID number

  1. Gross amount of merchant card/third party network payments

  2. Merchant category code

  3. (blank)

  4. (blank)

  5. 12 boxes to list amounts for each individual month

Download the Form 1099-K with Instructions to better understand what it looks like.

Form K on this site is (not for filing)

You can avoid the paper problems and use

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