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Instructions for 1099 DIV

The form is about filing for dividends paid out and distributions.
You have to file the Form 1099-DIV, if the amount is $10 or more .

  • List for whom you have withheld and paid any foreign tax on dividends and other distributions on stock.

  • For whom you have withheld any federal income tax on dividends and other distributions on stock.

  • And to who you have paid $600 or more as part of a liquidation.

  • The instructions are 4 pages long and in a .pdf format. I suggest that you read all of the information by downloading the Form 1099-DIV Instructions from this link..

    Download the Form 1099-DIV (not for filing)

    Boxes to fill in on the 1099 DIV form:

    • 1a Total ordinary dividends

    • 1b Qualified dividends

    • 2a Total capital gain distribution

    • 2b Un recap section 250 gain

    • 2c Section 1202 Gain

    • 2d Collectibles(28%) gain

    • 3 Non dividend distributions

    • 4 Federal Income tax withheld

    • 5 Investment expenses

    • 6 Foreign tax paid

    • 7 Foreign country or US possession

    • 8 Cash liquidation distribution

    • 9 Non cash liquidation distribution

    • 10 Exempt interest dividends

    • 11 Specified private activity bond interest dividends

    • 12 State

    • 13 State ID number

    • 14 State tax withheld

    You can avoid the paper problems and use

    Click on and read this Disclaimer - The downloaded 1099 Forms from this website do not conform to IRS standards and cannot be accepted if filed. There are penalties if you do so. See Part O in the general instructions. Read the warning at the top of each form under the words in red that say Attention: