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Instructions for 1099 CAP

File form 1099-CAP, changes in corporate control and capital structure, for shareholders of a corporation if control of the corporation was acquired or it underwent a substantial change in capital structure.

 Form 1099-CAP is furnished to shareholders who receive cash, stock or other property from an acquisition of control of  substantial change in capital structure.

Highlights of the Form 1099-CAP Instructions are:

  • When to file

  • Who must file

  • Exempt recipients

  • Acquisition of control

  • Substantial change in capital structure

  • Penalty for failure to file

  • Statement to shareholder

  • Account number

  • Name address telephone number and TIN

Boxes to fill in on the 1099 CAP form

  1. Date of sale or exchange

  2. Aggregate amount received

  3. Number of shares received

  4. Number of shares exchanged

  5. Classes of stock exchanged

Download and print the .pdf of the Instructions for Form 1099-CAP

t is a 2 page document.
Download Form 1099-CAP (not for filing)

You can avoid the paper problems and use

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