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Instructions for 1099 A and 1099 C

Specific instructions for Form 1099-A Information about acquisition or abandoned or secured property for each borrower if you lend money in connection with your trade or business etc...
Download Form 1099_A (not for filing).

Points of information are :

  • Coordination with Form 1099-C

  • Property

  • Who must file

  • Abandonment

  • Statement to borrowers

  • Account number

1099-A Instruction Boxes

  1. Date of lenders acquisition or knowledge of abandonment

  2. Balance of principal outstanding

  3. Reserved

  4. Fair market value

  5. Was borrower personally liable for repayment of the debt?

  6. Description of property

Instructions for 1099-C

Download and print Instructions for 1099 A and C
Coordination with 1099-A Multiple creditors Multiple debtors
Who must file Debt defined Record keeping
Safe harbor rules When to file Requesting TIN's
Test year defined When a debt is cancelled Statements to debtors
Penalties Exceptions Account number


download Form  1099-C   - (not for filing)

Boxes to be filled

  1. Date of identifiable event

  2. Amount of debt discharged

  3. Interest if included in Box 2

  4. Debt description

  5. Check here is the debtor was personally liable for the debt

  6. Identifiable event code

You can avoid the paper problems and use

Click on and read this Disclaimer - The downloaded 1099 Forms from this website do not conform to IRS standards and cannot be accepted if filed. There are penalties if you do so. See Part O in the general instructions. Read the warning at the top of each form under the words in red that say Attention