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Instructions for 1099-R - Form 1099-R
Form 5498 and Form 5498 Instructions

Overview 1099-R

In general it deals with distributions from pensions, annuities, retirement or profit sharing plans, IRA's, Insurance contracts, etc.

You can download the Instructions for the 1099-R and 5498 form.
It is a single 20 page pdf. file for both forms.
The instructions for the 1099-R is 14 pages long and the Instructions for Form 5498 starts at page 15 and runs through page 19.

Download Form 1099-R. (not for filing)
Download Form 5498.  (not for filing)

The 1099-R and 5498 forms are not too involved.

The sections to fill out on the 1099-R form are:

  • Payer's/Trustee's - Name, address, city , state etc. and telephone number

  • Payer's Federal Identification Number

  • Recipients Identification number

  • Recipients name, address, Apt #, city , state, zip

  1. Gross distribution

  2.  2a - Taxable amount - 2b Taxable amount not determined - Total distribution

  3. Capital gain (included in box 2a)

  4. Federal Income Tax withheld

  5. Employee contributions/Designated Roth contributions or insurance premiums

  6. Net unrealized appreciation in employers securities

  7. Distribution code(s) - IRA /SEP / Simple

  8. Other

  9.  9a - Your percentage of total distribution - 9b Total employee contributions

  10.  Amount allocable to IRR within 5 years

  11. 1st year of desig. Roth contrib.

  12. State tax withheld

  13. State payer's State number

  14. State distribution

  15. Local Tax withheld

  16. Name of locality

  17. Local distribution

Form 5498 IRA contribution Information

The sections to fill out on the Form 5498 are:

  • Trustee's or Issuers name, street address, city, state, and Zip

  • Trustee's or Issuers federal ID number

  • Participant's social security number

  • Participants name, street address, Apt #, city, state, and zip

  • Blank

  • Account number (see instructions)

  1. IRA contributions (other than amounts in boxes 2-4, 8-10, 13a, and 14a)

  2. Rollover contributions

  3. Roth IRA conversion amount

  4. Re characterized contributions

  5. Fair market value of account

  6. Life insurance cost included in Box 1

  7. Tick boxes IRS - SEP - SIMPLE - ROTH IRA

  8. SEP contributions

  9. SIMPLE contributions

  10. Roth IRA contributions

  11. IF checked required minimum contribution for (year)

  12.  12 a RMD date - 12b Year - 12c - Code

  13. 13a Postponed contribution - 13b Year - 13c Code

  14. 14a Repayments - 14b Code

You can avoid the paper problems and use

Click on and read this Disclaimer - The downloaded 1099 Forms from this website do not conform to IRS standards and cannot be accepted if filed. There are penalties if you do so. See Part O in the general instructions. Read the warning at the top of each form under the words in red that say Attention: