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by Roger Chartier

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1099 Software

For those who consider the advantages of filing IRS taxes on-line or using home or office based tax filing software, I say it's a good idea. When I think of the money I spent on tax preparation!
Software for different levels of tax difficulty is available.
There is some free on-line tax filing software.
You can file taxes from home or office, and I feel that these are the better options for filing tax. You can't file a down-loaded 1099, so it is a lot easier to use Tax Filing Software or File Taxes Online

You have filled out  a W9 form at one point to give the information to your payer. www.PrintW9.com

Instructions 1099 General - 1099-G Form

General Instructions for Certain Information Returns - 1099-G
Forms 1098, 1099, 3921, 3922, 5498 and W-2G) This covers some new topics like truncated recipient social security numbers, and when you can use them.
Read more about the 1099G instructions.
Here is a link to the 1099-G form

Instructions 1099 A & C

Here are the instructions for Forms 1099 A and form 1099 C 
Information about acquisition or abandoned or secured property for each borrower if you lend money in connection with your trade or business etc...


The form 1099 A is used for Acquisition or Abandonment of Secured Property. Property such as a personal residence or intangible property or intangible personal property with exceptions download it to see it - read more about the 1099 A instructions.


Get more information in the instructions for the 1099-B for proceeds from the broker and barter exchange transactions.
You can download the Form 1099-B itself to see it etc.
Read here for information about the Instructions for Form 1099-B


The form 1099-C is used for cancellation of debt.
The form asks for a description of the debt and debtor's name etc.
See the instructions for Form 1099-C


File this Form 1099-CAP for changes in corporate control and capital structure situations in which you are involved. Here is an overview and the instructions for Form 1099-CAP
 Any broker that holds shares on behalf of a customer in a corporation that the broker knows or has reason to know based on readily available information has engaged in a transaction of acquisition or control of substantial change in capital structure must file form 1099-B unless the customer is an exempt recipient...


Dividends and distributions are filed with this form 1099-DIV.
The form is about filing for dividends paid out and distributions. You have to file the Form 1099-DIV if the amount is $10 or more.  ...read more.
Here is an over view and the instructions for 1099-DIV


For filing interest income - To whom you paid reportable amounts that are reportable in boxes 1, 3, and 8 of at least $10.00 or at least $600.000 of interest paid in the course of your trade or business etc...
Read the Form 1099-INT instructions and see the 1099-INT form


The 1099-OID refers to the "Original Issue Discount"
This download-able sheet shows the Instructions for IRS Form 1099-OID
Download the Form 1099-OID to see what it is about.


The form 1099-K is for merchant cards and third party payments such as when you get paid by a company that handles payments for sales on the internet. The Electronic Payment Facilitator (EFP)/Third Party Payer (TTP) handling the money would send it to you.
 Here is an over view, and a download-able Form 1099-K with instructions


The 1099-LTC form is for long term care and accelerated death benefits.
The page also has the accompanying instructions for 1099-LTC


This 1099-MISC is commonly used for several purposes.
One example: If you pay a person who is a sole proprietor more than $600.00 in a year for work or services you must file the form 1099-MISC, etc. See the Form 1099-MISC and Instructions.


The 1099-PATR is for taxable distributions received from co-operatives. 
 Here is the overview and download page for the 1099-PATR Form and instructions for 1099-PATR


File for payments for qualified education programs (under section 529 & 530). If you are an officer or an employee, or the designee of an officer or employee, having control of a program established by a state or eligible education institution etc. read more.

Here is a download and overview page for the 1099-Q form and 1099-Q Instructions


The Form 1099-R is used for distributions from pensions, annuities, retirement, profit-sharing plans, IRAs, insurance contracts, etc.
Here is an over view page with Form 1099-R and Form 5498 with Instructions for both


This form 1099-S is used for proceeds from real estate transactions.  In general, it deals with the requirement to report a transaction that consists in whole, or in part of the sale, or exchange for money, indebtedness, property or services of any present of future ownership interest in any of the following:
Improved or unimproved land, including airspace.
Inherently permanent structures, including any residential, commercial or industrial buildings.
A condominium unit and it's appurtenant fixtures and common elements including land.
Stock in a cooperative housing corporation (as defined in section 216)
Any non-contingent interest in standing timber
Here is an over view page with the Form 1099-S and 1099-S Instructions


The form 1099-SA is used for distributions from an HSA, Archer MSA, or Medicare Advantage MSA.
File form 1099-SA, Distributions from an HSA, Archer MSA, or Medicare Advantage MSA (MA MSA). the distribution may have been paid directly to a medical service provider or to the account holder.
A separate return must be files for each plan type
 Here is an over view page with the Form 1099-SA and instructions  and for 5498-SA with instructions.
Click on and read this Disclaimer - The downloaded 1099 Forms from this website do not conform to IRS standards and cannot be accepted if filed. There are penalties if you do so. See Part O in the general instructions. Read the warning at the top of each form under the words in red that say Attention: